Monday, May 4, 2009

Sojiro Seta

Sōjirō is Shishio's right hand man, a young assassin trained by Shishio himself. Sōjirō is known for his lack of kenki (offensive aura), or, simply, emotion. He possesses no anger and incites no fear in his enemies, other than with his sword. Sōjirō is often seen smiling and has polite manners, always referring to others with Japanese suffixes. He is sarcastic, hiding his true emotions behind his smiling face. However, he does have a special relationship with Yumi, who functions as an older-sister figure towards him.

Sōjirō usually dresses up in a blue kimono with white handguards.Sōjirō's apparent lack of emotion, his simple, insensitive mentality that the strong will live and the weak shall die, and his skills make him a formidable foe for Kenshin. As a master swordsman of his own style, Sōjirō's abilities have earned him the nickname of Tenken (Ten meaning Heaven and Ken meaning Sword, "Tenken" means swordsmanship of natural endowments). His shukuchi utilizes such powerful speed that, to an observer, it appears that the distance between the two fighters has shrunk (hence the name shukuchi, which means "reduced earth").

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Uonuma Usui

Usui, the Blind Sword, used to be a swordsman working for the shogunate government. However, in a fight against Shishio Makoto, he was blinded. He possesses the Shingan (Eye of Heart), which actually is superhuman hearing that lets him hear another's heartbeat thus enabling him to sense people around him and detect the emotions of others. This ability is so advanced that it appears to be similar to the sonar of a dolphin or bat. Usui and Shishio made a deal upon Usui joining the Juppongatana: That Usui could try to kill Shishio anytime he gets the chance.Usui fights using a short spear with a weighted end - the rochin - to attack, and a tortoise shell - the tinbei - as a shield to deflect attacks and block the enemy's vision.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Honto Kamatari

A crossdresser, Kamatari is so good at looking like a woman that he throws Makimachi Misao off completely when Kamatari reveals that he is biologically a man. He is homosexual and loves Shishio Makoto deeply, but knows that he will never be loved like Komagata Yumi nor will he ever become as talented as Seta Sōjirō, who serves as Shishio's right hand man. Kamatari uses a very heavy scythe-like weapon, a reaper, with a chain ball on the end of the weapon


Iwanbō is a fat oaf who uses his immense size, his strength, and his ability to entrap weapons in his flab. He is armed with small blades worn on his fingertips. He is very stupid, and, apart from taking part in the battle of Aoiya as well as grinning like an utter idiot, he doesn't say anything, and he doesn't do anything.

Kariwa Henya

Known as Henya the Flighted, he aids the attack on Aoiya, the Kyoto secret headquarters of the Oniwabanshū, with four other Juppongatana members. His battle technique is called Hiku Happa, in which he uses dynamite to lift himself into flight and attack with from above. He can descend to attack the opponent with a blade on his arm and then blow himself back into the air. The power of flight is harnessed because Hennya starves himself and is very emaciated


A cunning small old man who manipulates Fuji and lays out the battle plans for him. He believes that his old age makes him the one who is right since he's lived so long. Saizuchi's talents lie not in battle-abilities, but his proficient use of words.He later works for the Diplomacy Department in the government for sticky situations after Shishio's death.


Fuji is a giant, considered a freak by everyone around him. One day he was attacked and almost killed but the old man Saizuchi found him and took him in. The gentle, depressed Fuji was in an ideal state for Saizuchi to manipulate his emotions and turn him into an unbelievable fighter. Saizuchi keeps telling Fuji that he owes him for saving his life and uses that to control him.